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Does Theme Builder work with Jira Studio? I can't find any documentation either way. Does anyone have experience using Theme Builder with Jira Studio that they would like to share?


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  1. Atlassian are pretty limited in the plugins that they will let you install on jira studio ... I'd be extremely suprised if they let you alter the theme in any way, since that's a big part of their integration.

    You can always ask them and see what they say, but I expect the answer will be 'no sorry you cant even try it' ):

  2. Unknown User (

    Thanks Alain for the response.

    I asked Atlassian whether they would install Theme Builder on my Jira Studio instance. The answer was that no custom themes are currently supported by Jira Studio. <sad face>

    1. Yeah, that's no surprise really as a big part of studio is the consistent look across all applications, by applying theme builder only the wiki tab would be themed (jira theming is COMPLETELY different to confluence theming) and that would make things harder for your users.

      Quite why they don't allow you to install bubbles however is still a mystery to me ... you would have thought that forums would go well with the whole studio concept ... hey ho, such is life!