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In our environment we have two themes

  1. Log in theme
  2. All Space Layout

I want to use #2 for all spaces except for the log in page and the dashboard.  When I go into the theme administration under the Manage Spaces tab this is what it looks like:
Then I change all of the spaces to have the "All Space Layout" and it looks like this and I get this error message:

I can click ok on the error message but when I refresh this screen or navigate away from it the spaces are all messed up.  Here is what it looks like when I come back to this page:

I have tried this on IE6, IE7, and Firefox 3 with no success.  I have no idea what that blank error message means.  Please help.
~ Joe

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  1. Unknown User (ugcorpuser)

    Resolved by upgrading to Theme Builder 3.2.1