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My anonymous users are complaining that the size of "Heading 6" is way too small. so, I investigated and found the following:

- When logged in, the styling of the Headings comes from the selector ".wiki-content h6

Unknown macro: {...}

in batch.css

- When not logged the content of the page is not wrapped in a HTML element that has wiki-content as classname, therefor the styling comes from other classes.

Now, as we use Theme Builder, I'm asking this here, because I wasn't able to figure out if this is something under the influence of Theme Builder, or if this is something under the influence of Confluence itself.

The styling of headers of anonymous users comes from a stylesheet called "site-2.5.css". Dunno if this stylesheet should be included at all in the pagesource in the browser. Googled around for that, but no luck.

Any thoughts/help appreciated.


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  1. Unknown User (p)

    This should have said:

    • When logged in, the styling of the Headings comes from the selector ".wiki-content h6
      {...}" in batch.css
  2. The wiki-content wrapper is added whether you are logged in or not, however it is only applied to pages, blogposts & space content ... I can only assume that as an anonymous user you are viewing the dashboard or some other global page.

    Both batch.css and site-2.5.css comes from atlassian's end, as such builder cannot affect their content - you should use builder custom css with a selector of .atb-page or .atb-content which will be available for all decorators.

  3. Unknown User (p)

    Unfortunately, it's actual page content I'm looking at where I see the issue... :-|

    And it's not about custom styling I'm doing, but about the default Confluence styling not being consistently applied (as I know know that site-2.5.css comes form confluence, tnx for that info.)

    As this is not related to builder, I'll take it up directly with Atlassian.