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I just shouldn't be this hard! I've been working with Builder 4.1 to create a theme. I don't want to get too far from the base Confluence themes, but I'd like to make some changes. Yet, it seems that I have to build CSS from scratch, or figure out where it's stored, copy, paste, edit, etc.

I don't know if this is a Confluence issue or yours, but I'd love to see themes handled like Drupal does. Download a theme someone's done or use one of the included themes, then create a sub-theme, inheriting everything and changing only what needs to be changed. Is it possible to get there?

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  1. Start with the confluence 2.10 layout and then make your adjustments from there. (hint: create a child layout to the standard confluence 2.10 layout so if you mess up then you haven't corrupted the original which you can use as a reference implementation)

    We would love to have our users submit layouts to become part of our layout library, we would also love to have the free resources to create more sample layouts ourselves, but unfortunately we can't afford to devote the resources to projects that aren't bringing in money - we are able to give builder away because we primarily use it for the larger projects that our consultancy team take on.

    We do offer builder training courses if that would help you at all?