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This tutorial shows how to allow a single layout to be used for multiple spaces whilst allowing customisation on a space-by-space basis.


This tutorial aims to show you how you can achieve two key objectives:

  • Maximise re-use of existing layouts - the fewer layouts you have, the easier they are to manage
  • Facilitate space-specific navigation, panel content and colours

At first glance, these objectives are mutually exclusive and one would assume that you need a separate theme layout for every space on your wiki. However, by using some tried and tested techniques you can easily make a theme layout customisable at space and even page level.

This tutorial requires Theme Builder 2.0.6 or above. Space-level colour settings require Theme Builder 3.0 or above.

The tutorial assumes you are familiar with the Layout Manager, in particular the process for editing panel content.

Topics Covered

This tutorial will be useful to you if you want to:

  • Customise panel content at space-level or page-level
  • Change the layout for a specific page
  • Customise menus at space-level and page-level
  • Customise colours at space-level


This tutorial contains the following topics (more will be added soon):

Let's get started: 1 - Space Level Panel Content
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