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Is there any possibility with theme builder to show the notation tipps when in wiki-markup-editing-mode and hide them in rich-text-editing mode?

Thanks in Advance

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  1. Yes, create a sub-layout to your existing layout let's call it CHILD and add the {builder-infopanel} macro to it (eg: the right sidebar contains this by default). Save that layout & go back to the parent and add {builder-show:mode=edit}{use-layout:CHILD}{builder-show} to the header panel.

    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      Hrm, I think the question is:

      When in edit mode, and user switches from Wiki Markup tab to Rich Text, can the notation guide be hidden?

      In other words, automatically hide the notation guide when the user switches to Rich Text tab.

  2. Unknown User (davef)

    Why isn't either:
    A - the option to view/hide the notation guide in the edit view a check box
    B - the code to make the notation guide appear easier to find on your site? The main result when searching is this discussion. I suggest adding a page that spoon feeds simpletons like me. =o)