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I am still trying to figure out how to implement the new blog macros available in v. 3.2:


Initially, I looked at the various blogs for Guy and other Adaptavist staff ( in order to use them as models. It isn't clear to me that any of these are using the new blog functionality.

I recognize that the documentation for these blog macros is still being writeen. I would appreciate having these macros explained the context of a particular example showing how they interrelate and how they would be implemented on various pages to allow users to take full advantage of this new functionality. Since "news" and "blog" seem to be used interchangeably, I would also find it helpful to have an explanation on how the new blog function improves upon the current news functions in Confluence and Theme Builder.


  1. I will get time to document these properly, but in one-liners

    {blog-archive} - displays a list of blogposts, is intended to be a flexible way of generating a 'recent blogposts' section in a sidebar, similar to the kind of thing you see on a lot of blogging sites

    {blog-calendar} - displays a calendar month, where the dates are linked to blogposts. In older releases of the theme the blog calendar was fixed in position, you could neither move it around nor (as required by some of our users) remove it completely. It got moved into a macro in a similar way to the relocation of comments or labels.

    {blog-list} - intended for use on pages, likely the home page for a space. This macro is intended to generate an output that is similar in structure to that which you see on a lot of blogging sites. The html is classname rich to assist you in styling it to look the way you want it to.

    {blog-rss} - a derivative of {blog-list} used primarily for testing out your blog-rss-feed options

    {blog-rss-feed} - includes an rss feed of blogposts into the header so that an icon appears in your browser showing you that you can subscribe to an rss feed for this site.

  2. Unknown User (

    How do I go about changing the name "Blog" to "News"? By default the Theme Builder plugin has already done this, but when I go to the actual News page it says Blog everywhere. Is there some sort of Confluence config variable I need to change?