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Hello Everyone!

I recently purchased theme builder for confluence, and I am using it to customize a number of my spaces.  I am having a hard time establishing a different look for the home or dashboard page of the space.

I thought I could solve this by designating differnet layouts for different pages in my space, but it seems that one layout theme is universal for the whole space.

My other thought for a "dirty" work around would be to have 1 space act as the HOME page, and using the children from another space (with a different layout) act as the subpages. That sounds just horrible, but I am desperate.

Any ideas on how to handle this will be GREATLY appreciated!!



  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

  2. dead easy!

    Add the following code to the header panel of your layout (I say the header panel because the use-layout macro forces certain internal caches to get flushed, putting it further down in the layout will cause the work expended in rendering the panels above it to be wasted)


    Alternatively you could get really scary and use the flags system that we have been developing for 3.3.4 and our new website - you use the {set-flag} macro in conjunction with builder-show/hide to setup a set of flags to determine the current state, you then re-use these flags either for switching layouts or swapping functionality in/out.

    Unfortunatley that code is so new it is not documented anywhere except in the notation guide, Guy should be preparing a tutorial about how we achieved our new layout using the flag code 'real soon now' (well once he has finished the redesign of our site)

    1. Unknown User (


      I was mistaken, the page that I needed to be was different was the Homepage versus one any children or sub-children of the Homepage.

      So I added the following to the header


      and the layout for the homepage does not change. I noticed that you had the (action=) property in the first show-builder macro. What purpose did this serve?


      1. You might do well to have a read of the documentation: builder-show macro

        Pretty much every variation has been covered, if there is something you want to switch on that isnt available then let me know (wink)

  3. Unknown User (

    Wow, thank you both!

    Guy: This looks great! It looks to be a viable solution!

    Alain: This seems to do the biz as well! I was looking at this in a forum discussion (hmmm... linking to the text is not working for me ATM, so ) earlier and think this would do well. I was looking @ flags to make dynamic menus based on content, but the dynamic element can can be layout instead of content.

    Thnx, again!!!

    1. To create a link to a page within the same space in confluence wrap the page name in square brackets, eg:

      [Dynamic navigation bar based on content structure]

      If the page is in a different space then prefix the page name with the space key

      [builder:Dynamic navigation bar based on content structure]

      This type of identifier is used regularly in both builder and confluence ... wiki markup takes a little getting used to but once you have the hang of it you can do some pretty amazing things!