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When I set a parent space to a space, it changes the layout associated to the space to the one of the parent space.
Is this a normal behaviour? Did you change something in Builder 4? I think it didn't make this changes before.


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  1. Hehe, yes Builder 4 is a lot more integrated with the nested space concept.

    As well as inheriting the layout (if none is directly selected for the space), the colour-scheme is also propagated to the children - you can see this in action on (eg: the colour of the top bar in the builder space is inherited from the products space)

    Also updated are the list-spaces and sorted-children macro which allow for building complex navigation around nested space.

    1. Unknown User (raiteria)

      Hi Alain, I've been digging around and can't find any docs about using the Nested Spaces concept in Builder 4...can you point me to some docs?

      1. There are no docs at the moment, just go to space admin and look at the 'set parent space' link on the left ... it's all pretty self-explanatory.

        1. Unknown User (raiteria)

          Hmm, that's why I am asking, not seeing the Set Parent Space link the Space Admin. We have

          Adaptavist Theme Builder
          Vendor: Ltd
          Plugin Version: 4.0.2

          but the space is using a default atlassian Theme? Is this the problem maybe?

          1. Correct ... the atlassian theme doesnt support nested spaces, so it doesnt make any sense for the option to be there (wink)

    2. Unknown User (scayla)

      if none is directly selected for the space

      This is what I was missing. I'll have to set the layout for each space so that I work around this nested thing (smile)

      Thanks Alain

      1. To be honest the 'space layout selection' is a bit of a dated way of going about things, you are probably better off using the builder-show macro & the use-layout macro to set the layouts in use by your spaces dynamically ... switching on team label may be a good choice & will allow you to make macroscopic changes later on without having to go back in and re-select the layouts.

        1. Unknown User (scayla)

          Yes indeed and that's exactly what I was thinking about some days ago.

          I'm already doing this with the builder-show, use-layout, set-flag macros, and I use team labels also.

          Every time I release a new layout, I don't know what my customer do but he ends up with wrong layout on certain spaces. I figured the 'space layout selection' was a dated way of asigning a layout to a space and wanted to rework the way I've done the selection (then I forgot about this happens (smile))

          A generic way of asigning layout is definitely the solution.

          1. If you are already using switching logic, then I strongly recommend you check out the file in the resources tab ... this 'file' gets rendered before any of the panels and is intended for housing switching logic like use-layout etc...

            FYI the layout used in a space follows this sequence: layout= url parameter -> use-layout -> space layout -> parent space layout -> personal/global space default value -> global layout selection -> default layout

            I only wish there were enough hours in the day to document all the changes made to builder, however the choice is between documenting stuff and updating things - it's a free plugin, we just cant afford to devote both coders and documentors to the project.

            Volunteers to assist us in updating the documentation would be most welcome (wink)

            1. Unknown User (scayla)

              Ahah love the last sentence added (smile)

              I'm already trying to motivate my boss so that we make FormMailNG compatible with Confluence 3.2 in order to upgrade our lab asap as I told you before (I also told your staff about this at Summit)... not that easy. Then we'll see for the documentation. Talking about me I'd love to help, but 24hours per day is just not enough as you said (wink)

              Thanks for the sequence, I've tried to figure out the exact one but too much trial and error and I got borred.

              And also thanks for the file, didn't know about it. It will help!
              For sure I'll have to completely rework the way I made my logic.