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Hello - upgraded to 3.3.1 and builder 4.1.3 and am faced with a tough issue. I get a session error when opening the themebuilder's based site.

Also, while in Site Administration, Mangage Builder Layouts, I also get the "session error" and cannot modify anything in the layout editor. Anyone have an ideas where to start looking? May be a confluence issue - but I haven't seen anything in either confluence or themebuilders release notes.

I have cleared cache, reinstalled the plugin, and tried in IE and Firefox. Same issue throughout.


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  1. Unknown User (

    This is resolved and not a theme builder issue. The server.xml had this in the context path: useHttpOnly="true" and was causing the issue.

  2. Unknown User (awpuri)

    Newbie here. I installed confluence 3.3 and builder 4.1.3 today and I am having this same problem. Would you mind telling me how to fix the server.xml?

    1. Unknown User (

      Hi Aaron - you might have a different situation but this is what I did:

      1. Edit \conf\server.xml
      2. Search for the line with: <Context path
      3. In my case, the default server.xml supplied with the build has this in it: useHttpOnly="true"
      4. I removed useHttpOnly="true" and then saved the file and restarted. I would also assume you could set it to false, but I deleted it to assume the default value.

      1. Unknown User (awpuri)

        Hi Bill,

        Your instructions worked for me- thanks!