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I have successfully installed the theme builder (so I think) but whenever I go into the layout manager or try to create a new layout I am presented with 2 alert boxes telling me "Session Error". I did not experience this with the previous version of the plug-in or when using Confluence under normal circumstances. Any thoughts as to why this may be happening would be appreciated.

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  1. We have not heard of this error before, you should create an issue on attaching a backup of all of your layout data (taken through theme administration) also paste in a copy of the data shown by the system information screen, and ideally provide a link & login to the server that is experiencing the issue.

    Also .. which browser are you using?

  2. Unknown User (blaisbr)


    I'm experiencing the same problem with Firefox and with IE 6.0.

    Confluence is in the version 2.7.1 and ThemeBuilder in 3.0.0


  3. Unknown User (ewells)

    I am experiencing the same issue. We use IE 6.0 although I have also confirmed the same error in FireFox (but don't tell anybody, I'm not authorized to use that here). (smile)

    Confluence 2.7.1, Builder 3.0.0 and also Builder 31.0.1.


  4. Unknown User (gfraser)

    For WebSphere 6 users, here's some info on the session error issue (thanks Eric!):

    The application has a hard coded reference to session ID as default "JSESSIONID". In a shared environment, the session IDs are modified to be unique to each JVM, so that each application can get the appropriate requests. So, the session was getting invalidated against the default reference and the error was thrown. I modified the application's JVM to have the default "JSESSIONID" to test it and make sure it's working, but you need to work with the vendor for resolving the hard coded reference. You can also remove the CSRF related variable from web.xml as it has nothing to do with the current issue.

    Alain's contacting the author of the DWR library to see if we can get it updated to resolve this issue at source.

  5. Unknown User (

    Hi ... has this been addressed yet? I am running version 3.3.6-conf210 of ThemeBuilder and getting this error. I need to have a unique session ID as file download does not work otherwise.


  6. Unknown User (robo)

    Used the cool Theme Builder plugin with Confluence 3.3 (i think without errors). After having upgraded towards 3.4 the message "Session Error" is presented and the pagetree remains 'loading...' .

    Found (somewhere in adaptavist known issue's):

    A quick workaround is to enable "Direct Web Remoting (DWR) Framework" and "Legacy Confluence DWR Resources" in the "Confluence Legacy Web Resources" plugin.

    Even after enabling it, it shows in the Confluence log:

    ERROR http [org.directwebremoting.dwrp.Batch] error A request has been denied as a potential CSRF attack.

    This seems to be related to your plugin's use of DWR, which isn't supported anymore (see

    Found a workaround at the Atlassian Forums
    I don't have knowledge about possible negative impact of the workaround. What is the final solution?

    Oh.. BTW I initially had installed version 4.0.2 of the Theme Builder.. also performed upgrade to 4.1.3, which states supported for Confluence 3.3. As you can see there is not yet an approved version for 3.4.

    1. As you have seen in the linked forum post, the issue is related to your server config, unfortunatley plugins are not able to alter this and you will need to configure your server correctly so that DWR can run.

      We are gradually removing the usages of DWR due to the session issues that it can uncover, however there are a lot of interfaces in builder which use it and this process will take some time.

      You should use the server configuration workaround in the meantime.

      1. Unknown User (heatherfara)

        Can you be more clear about the DWR work around and relationship to 3.4 or issues that might indicate this is the problem?

        1. Builder is not currently been certified against confluence 3.4, you should assume that until we have tested and certified it to work with 3.4 that it is incompatible (the same goes with ALL plugins)

        2. Unknown User (kbrophy)

          Hi Heather,

          We have just released an early-access release of Theme Builder 4.2-RC1, which provides Confluence 3.4 compatibility (all DWR components have been removed).

          Further details are available here. All going well, we hope to release the final version next week.