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What is sectional navigation?

If you look at the page tree to the right (expand it with the little arrow if it's hidden) you'll see that we've arranged content in the user guide in to a number of "sections".

This page is in the Navigation section, which is in the Builder 3.x section, and so on.

In spaces that are being used for websites, intranets, documentation and knowledge bases, etc., it makes sense to provide navigation that reflects the current section within the space: Sectional Navigation.

By using Sectional Navigation, you can not only reduce the amount of navigation on the screen but also provide navigation that is far more useful to the end-user.

 Isn't this the same as Context Sensitive Navigation?

They are similar, and there is some overlap, but generally:

  • Hierarchy Navigation is more basic - it is primarily based on a whole Space or specific page, etc.
  • Sectional Navigation is more flexible - it's based on sections of pages within a Space.

Sectional Navigation Macros

There are a range of macros in Theme Builder that facilitate the creation of Sectional Navigation:


The following examples show how to create various types of Sectional Navigation:


 What happens if I change a page title?

If your navigation is based on page titles, then should you change one of those page titles you'll have to edit your navigation markup to reflect the changes.

For this reason, it's advisable to set page-level permissions on any key pages that your navigation is based on to prevent them from being unexpectedly renamed.

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