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We are using Confluence 3.0.0_01 with Themebuilder 3.3.5-conf210.

In any space with a Themebuilder theme on it, search auto-completion doesn't work, and nor does the business-card hover functionality (sorry, thats not what Atlassian call it, but its where you get a pop-up 'business card' appear when you hover over someone's name.)

Both features work fully when NOT in a ThemeBuilder theme.

Is there something I need to turn on ? I suspect that there are one or two files I need to copy over into the theme space and link in, but figuring out what those files are is beyond me !




  1. I'm unable to reproduce this with the default layout.

    The hover-profiles work flawlessly when I mouse-over a user picture in a comment, or in the recently-updated on the dashboard.

    If I replace the {search-box} macro with the non-backwards compatible {builder-search} macro then the list of search items appears, however the issue with it not being placed correctly seems to have reared it's ugly head yet again (I guess atlassian have changed their jQuery since we last added a fix for their bug)

    Where exactly within the interface is the problem ocurring? Perhaps you are looking at a different page/macro to me?

    Have you disabled the atlassian js in your layout? (doing this would cause the symptoms you are describing)

    1. Unknown User (njmckeo2367)

      Thats very strange. I restored to the default Themebuilder layout (just now), and its still the same.

      Our dashboard has just the default Atlassian layout on it and works. We have another space which now has the default adaptavist themebuilder layout on it, and it doesn't work.

      I have not disabled the atlassian.js in my layout because I haven't got the first idea how to do that!

      Oh, and this is in Firefox or IE - same in both browsers.

      1. Unknown User (njmckeo2367)

        OK, so wierder still. I DO notice a change since I restored the default layout. I get a hover-profile when I hover over my name as the creator of a comment, but NOT when I hover over my name as the creator of the page - yet both are me, and both are on the same page with a default themebuilder theme.

        Search autocompletion is still broken on these pages though.

        1. What are you using to display your picture as the creator of the page?

          You need to replace the {search-box} macro in your layout with {builder-search} ... we don't use {builder-search} by default as it is not compatible with confluence prior to 3.0 & builder 3.3.x supports confluence 2.7, 2.8, 2.9. 2.10 and most of 3.0 (adding a favourite/watch is broken, but there is a workaround for that posted to this forum)

          1. Unknown User (njmckeo2367)

            Ah right, I understood your comment about {search-box} and {builder-search} and I now have that working.

            Not sure what you mean on the first line though:
            >What are you using to display your picture as the creator of the page?

            I'm not using anything am I?, I mean I just hover over my name as creator or last-editor or commenter on the page and I get the little hover-profile. I get a hover-profile if I hover over each of those attributes on a basic page (not Themebuilder), but it only works for comments on a themebuilder page.

            Sorry I'm not helping..... I think I'm a little out of my depth already (but I leant some stuff already this afternoon!)


  2. Unknown User (njmckeo2367)

    I think I understand your question now - after a bit more digging.....

    The text of the title layout is: Added by {page-info:created-user}, last edited by {page-info:modified-user} on {page-info:modified-date}

    Its these bits I'm hovering over and which aren't working.

    Let me see if I can find a difference with the comment layout

    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      The page-info stuff was developed pre-Confluence 3.x so it won't display the business card thing.

      1. Guy is correct, page-info doesnt support confluence 3.0 features ... we will be upgrading our open-source macros as soon as we can, and by the looks of things we will have to start ditching support for pre confluence 3.0 across the board (sad)

        If you are in any kind of hurry to get these macros updated then please feel free to request a quote for funding the changes ... or alternatively you can contribute to the page-info macro project (big grin)

        You can find the source here:

        1. Unknown User (njmckeo2367)

          OK cool, thanks for your help guys.

          er, if I you had some of my code in the page-info macro project you'd have bigger problems than this - I promise you ! (smile)

          thanks again,