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I was experimenting with the new "Root Space Order" Panel in the Builder section of the admin panel.
By using the list-spaces macro I cannot see any changes.

So what is the purpose of the root space order? We actually want to sort the spaces in our main-menu.



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  1. The root space order allows you to set the ordering of spaces in a similar way to the child-space-order in space admin (wink)

    These space orderings however are only respected by builder macros, so the standard confluence dashboard macros are not going to work for you. If you have already customised your dashboard content then it's likely that you are still using the old content.

    If you take a look in the resource attached to the DEFAULT layout then you should see an updated version of the dashboard code which uses {list-spaces} rather than the older {spaces} code.

    If you are using nested spaces then you may also be interested in checking out the sorted-children macro, as well as {list-spaces:display=tree}