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When using Firefox 3.6 on OSX or Linux the RTE sometimes seems to loose the cursor. You can enter or edit text but the cursor ist not displayed until you change the focus away and back to the editor area (klicking in Wiki-Markup or to the page title)

One can (hopefully) reproduce this behaviour:

  1. use default demonstration space
  2. configure it to use the atlassian documentation theme
    1. add a new page and add some text
    2. save and edit again
    3. click in editor and there is a nice little cursor waiting for your changes :-)
  3. reconfigure the space to use a theme builder layout
    1. edit the page again
    2. click in editor and you'll see ... no cursor
    3. click on "Wiki Markup" and back to "Rich Text" and the cursor reappears.

We're using Theme Builder 4.2.0 on Confluence 3.4.6. There's no such problem on Windows.

Can anybody else confirm this behaviour / bug?

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  1. Unknown User (andreas3)

    We have the same issue working on windows with firefox 3.6.16 and confluence 3.5 with themebuilder in different versions...
    The same problem occurs using confluence 3.3.x, 3.4.x...

    I have no idea what's causing the problem...

    But... on our Linux machines it's working fine...