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The edit panel is re-sizeable when choosing the Rich Text mode but not in Wiki Markup mode. Is there a way to enable this function?

Better yet, is there a way to change the default size of the Wiki Markup edit panel?


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  1. Unknown User (

    Is ist possible to have an axpandable right sidebar in one layout while having a fixed one in another?

    My problem is that I want to have a fixed sidebar on space home pages and an expandable one in edit mode. If the user closes the sidebar in edit mode, the fixed one is invisible on the home page.

    The root of the problem is that I can't figure out how to have the markup help in markup mode and not in rich text mode. To resolve this I made the sidebar expandble for editing, but it impacts other layouts as well.


    1. Unknown User (grobbendonk)

      I use two layouts.

      Let's say you have a fixed sidebar in layout "MAIN".
      Copy "MAIN" down to "EDIT" as a sub-layout.
      Change "EDIT" to have an expandable sidebar.
      Return to "MAIN" and add into the first visible panel (usually the "header")

      1. Unknown User (

        Thaks Nic,

        That's pretty much what I have.

        I have a main layout (global and non-page contexts, no sidebars) and under that a space layout (used to display pages in spaces) with a fixed left sidebar. Under the space layout I have two sibling layouts, one for editing and one for the space home page. The former should have no left sidebar and expandable right sidebar and the latter fixed left and right sidebars.

        The problem is that when I close the expandable right sidebar in the edit-layout, the fixed right sidebar in the space home page layout vanishes. When I expand the sidebar in the edit layout, the fixed sidebar in the space home page layout reappears.


        1. The collapse state is site-wide, not layout specific (there just isn't enough room in the cookie for that feature since atlassian take up most of the available space with their features), so what's happening is the collapse state is being applied to your other layout.

          You can work around this using the {builder-sidebar} macro in your layout to force the non-expandable sidebar to appear.

          1. Unknown User (

            Thanks Alain,

            That clarifies it a bit.

            Seems to work, too, in that now the page that should always have sidebar does have it. I notice that the state in the edit-layout is no longer saved. The sidebar is always open when I enter the edit layout. Does forcing the sidebar open in the other affect the cookie?

            I've worked around this by forcing the sidebar closed in the edit-layout but leaving it collapsible. Markup users can now open it when they need it.

            I've been using the edit layout for news, too, but I guess I'll have to put in some builder-show macros or create another layout for that, so I can have the sidebar open for reading news.


            1. there is only one cookie ... all state changes are stored including those induced by the macro/layout (checkbox in the options tab of the edit content dialog)

      2. Unknown User (

        I could do without expandable sidebars, but I can't differentiate between Rich Text and Wiki Markup editing, so I need to allow users who use only Rich Text to hide the sidebar.

        r. Ville

        1. The switching between RTE & wiki-markup editor happens on the client side ... the server-side builder cant determine what state the client is in, you will need to use your own javascript to effect changes on the client side.