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Has anyone else raised this:

When editing in RTE, particularly a long page, when the mouse focus moves out of the RTE, the RTE scrolls to the top of the page. When editing the Wiki Markup it does not happen.

Its infuriating for some of our users. Is there a way to turn this off? It only seems to be happening for Themebuilder themes. If I go back to, say, the Documentation theme then the RTE behaves normally.

This happens in IE8 on both XP and Windows 7. It does not appear to be happening in Firefox.

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  1. Unknown User (sbate)

    I've tried to recreate this problem on Confluence 3.2 and 3.3.3 using Theme Builder 4.1.3. When testing I've done with IE8 compatibility mode off and on but have not seen the issue you described. Please can you advise which versions of Confluence and Theme Builder you are using.

    1. Unknown User (samkenny)

      Thanks for your reply.

      I am running Confluence 3.3.3 and Theme Builder 4.1.3. I can't find any other reports of this when I Google, but it happens for every user here - it's not just a one off case.

      We have two environments setup (Prod/UAT) and this happens in both.

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        What macros are you using in the theme? It's possible one of them is injecting some JS that messes with the RTE?

      2. It's worth checking that the problem isn't coming from your layout, you can do this by editing a page and then appending &layoutId=DEFAULT to the URL - this should load the page using the internal builder default layout, which should allow you to verify whether the problem is coming from your layout or not.

        1. Unknown User (samkenny)

          Thanks guys.

          Yes, when I set &layoutId=DEFAULT there is no scrolling.

          Any ideas what could be the cause. It happens on every page, and the content does not have much in the way of macros (if any).

          The layout does not deviate that much from what came out of the box. There is a left hand sidebar (the content is {pagetree2:@space|branchStyle=arrow|iconStyle=builder}) but not much else. I'll toy with some of the other code behind the panels and see if it makes a difference.

          1. One of the best ways to quickly debug a layout is to create a child-layout to it, switch all of the panels off in the layout manager and then use the layout=LAYOUTID url parameter to test it as you switch each panel back on.

            When the problem recurs, switch off all panels apart from the one which 'caused' the problem, and check that the problem still ocurrs.

            Then go into the panel and steadily delete content from it until the problem goes away, then replace the panel content the section that caused the problem & check that it recurs etc...

            If the problem remains with all the panels switched off, try switching off inheritance in the css & js tabs.

            1. Unknown User (

              It took me a while to reproduce this as the child layout needs to be referenced when the page is being edited (editpage.action).

              The problem occurs only when one of the sidebars is enabled. Inheritance is turned off and I even removed all the content behind the RSB (this previously consisted of macros to display the notation guide when in edit mode and not much else).

              Even with the content removed the right-hand and left-hand sidebars still caused the text in the rich text editor to scroll to the top, whenever the mouse is moved out of the editor portion.

              Having the sliders available or not did not affect it (the RTE still scrolls) and I also tried with the option 'collapse sidebar by default' unchecked, to no avail.

              Still very confused as to what could be causing this. Any further thoughts?


              1. Unknown User (kbrophy)

                Hi Sam,

                In order for us to further investigate this issue, we would need to consider putting a support contract in place - this would allow for a more in-depth investigation of the issue you are encountering.

                Please do contact us should you wish to discuss our support service further.