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Just an observation, why is it that the search feature of theme-builder is different from the search feature of Confluence ver. 2.10 (I'm talking about the Quick Navigation feature)? Is there a way that the search function of Confluence ver. 2.10 can be adapted to theme-builder?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Unknown User (conflman)

    Yeah, I have the same question. I can´t find informations about this.

    It has to work, because the confluenceinstance of adaptavist is still using the search-aid. (smile)

    I hope, someone will read this ^^

    Thanks ahead

    1. {builder-search} ... there are no parameters I'm afraid, it's a straight pull-through of the default confluence functionality.

      1. Unknown User (conflman)

        Hi Alain,

        thanks for your post.
        But the macro is not working. 'unknown macro' in a ugly red panel (smile)

        I can´t find the macro in the Content Formatting Plugin, Theme Builder or Community Bubbles.

        I have installed Theme Builder 3.3.3. and Confluence 2.10


        1. Unknown User (hboer1965)

          Hi Ludwig,

          If I am correct, this macro has been introduced in version 3.3.4.

          Regards, Herman.

          1. I'm pretty sure that Herman is correct, however you would be best placed to install 3.3.5 as it resolves a number of issues that are present in 3.3.4

            1. Unknown User (conflman)

              Thanks, the plugin is working!

  2. Unknown User (conflman)

    Problems resolved (smile)

  3. Unknown User (conflman)

    Hi all,

    one more thing (smile)

    I can´t use the search-syntax (e.g. '*') in the old search-box macro and not in the builder-search macro.

    Do I have to install a plugin or something?

    If I type something like 'Sea*' in my Search-box, I didn´t get a useful result.