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Here is the situtation:
Under DEFAULT I created a layout named SPACE, configured and changed its design. After that, under SPACE layout I created another layout named PAGE, configured and changed its design. I applied the SPACE layout in my TestSpace (Take note that my TestSpace has child pages and its child pages has child child pages).

Here are my questions?

  1. When I applied the SPACE layout in my TestSpace, why is it that all of the pages (including all the child pages) in TestSpace inherits the SPACE layout? What happened to my PAGE layout?
  2. How does inheriting/behavior of layouts work when its applied in a SPACE?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. OK, by the sounds of things you want to have the PAGE layout applied to pages within the space and all other screens to fall back to the SPACE layout. To do this you would apply the SPACE layout to the space and add the following code to it:


    To apply the PAGE layout to both pages and blogposts use:


    You should add this code as close to the header panel as possible since it causes caches to be flushed and you want it to be executed in the first panel that is rendered to avoid generating extra work for your server.