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Hi, I just upgraded from Confluence 3.0.2 to 3.1 and if I enable the Theme Builder plugin my site fails to display any content pages. Here's a post showing the HTML source result and the theme builder error.

Any help would be delightful. I tried to install the 3.3.6 and 4.0.0 previews, but Confluence didn't like the tarballs. I can recreate that error message if it's helpful.

Any help would be wonderful. Thank you.

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  1. Builder 3.x is not compatible with confluence 3.1, you will be required to use builder 4.

    We do not supply tarballs, we supply jar files ... if your browser has renamed them, then rename them back or confluence will not even attempt to open them.

    1. Unknown User (mo)


      Yes, I too am receiving problems with Theme Builder 4 and Confluence 3.1.

      Clicking on Layout Manager brings up a runtime Error.

      Help Please.

      1. what kind of runtime error?

    2. Unknown User (mo)

      Hello Alain and the rest of the team,

      I'm trying to insert a picture in Confluence 3.1 but receive this message when I attempt to do so.

      Edit Page - Insert Picture:

      Error retrieving attachments from Confluence. The server may be unavailable.

      I also can't seem to preview a post. I get a little half circle loading icon when I click on Preview but nothing else happens.
      Also, when Clicking Insert (in the Edit-Rich tect view) and then selecting a Macro to inset brings up an error message.

      You may want to take a look at this - but all their suggestions did not work for me:,+Insert+Image+and+Preview+are+broken+in+Confluence+3.1.1

      I'm using Confluence 3.1 with Theme Builder 4.

      EDIT: Also, List Pages - Tree View does not work.


  2. Unknown User (phubbard)

    Ahh, that helps, thank you. I installed M6, and have my theme back, but am getting javascript errors on the home page.

    Attached is the error display from Safari when loading

    Many thanks again for your help!


  3. Unknown User (phubbard)

    Oops, problems uploading the error screen.

    Please see

  4. We have made a number of updates to builder 4 over the last week ... we were hoping to get an RC out next week, but if you feel it would be useful I could release M7 later today?

    1. Unknown User (phubbard)

      Yes please!

    2. Unknown User (mo)

      Clicking on Layout Manager brings up a runtime Error

      Message from Webpage:
      Unknown Runtime error

      Also, from Theme Administration > Global Permissions.

      I receive another error saying:

      Message From Webpage:
      Out of stack space

      It would be great if you released an update for theme builder to resolve this - as I cannot create a new layout: Following error message:

      Error marshalling java.util.Arraylist:error reading collection. Input parameter probably is not in collection. (Missing:{} see log file for more details

  5. Can you try with the latest M7: early access 4.0.0

    1. Unknown User (phubbard)

      Wow, that was fast! Thank you, that fixed my errors, at a quick test everything seems to be working now. Much appreciated.

    2. Unknown User (ewells)

      Minor error in Theme Builder M7 with Confluence 3.1...

      On the Restore Layouts section, if you click Upload when nothing is currently selected you get a NullPointerException error. You'll want to trap for that.

      From a user's perspective this can fall under the category of "duh, don't do that" but I thought you'd want to know. (smile)


      1. Well, the error is caught in M8, a message is even generated, however that doesn't get displayed anywhere yet (sad)

        1. Unknown User (ewells)

          I was suggesting that you go the other route and prevent the error. One option is to disable the button until a selection is made. Or you could check the status of the selection when the button is clicked and either do nothing or else pop up a message "Pick something first you dummy!". Then no java error is thrown at all, and the user gets an informative message rather than the nasty screen. But hey, who am I to complain, I was the idiot that did it in the first place! (wink)

    3. Unknown User (ewells)

      How can I import a theme from an old version of Builder (2.0.9) using M7? I'm looking at the Backup Tab page and the screen shots are obviously from a different version.

      I can select the old theme using Restore Layouts "browse" button and then when I click "upload" it seems to think about it, but nothing happens. Based on the screen shots from the other page, I'm wondering if I need a place to assign a Layout ID value, and without it the Upload can't process?


      1. You can't import builder 2.0 layouts into builder 4, that facility was removed as part of the de-crufting from builder 3.x

        You will need to import them to builder 3.x first, then export them as a backup xml file which you can then upload to builder 4.

        We will be generating new documentation for the 4.x admin, choose & manage layout screens as soon as the UI settles.

  6. Unknown User (dmatsum)

    Having a number of javascript issues with Confluence 3.1 and ThemeBuilder 4 M7 and M8.

    Under M7:

    • In IE 7, I was getting a Stack Overflow at line 1457 error. Oddly IE 8 reported the same error at 1456.
      • Occurs under Builder Administration and Manage Layouts when they options are selected
    • FireFox 3.5.6 doesn't appear to have these issues, but when I try to edit the CSS under Manage Layouts I get the CSS displayed, but a square with a spinning dial comes up and never seems to end.

    Under M8:

    • IE8 still reports the Stack Overflow at 1456 error
    • IE7 had mentioned the Stack Overflow initially, but now I'm just getting an unknown error. Opening up the error dialog shows me an error at 4459, char 4.
      • Error: Automation server can't create object
      • Code: 0
      • URL: http://<server:port>/builder/manage-layouts.action?
    • Firefox has the same issue as M7

    Any ideas? I saw some other users mentioned similar issues for the earlier versions, but several mentioned they were resolved in M8 and I'm not seeing that.

    1. Ensure that you have cleared your browser cache

      1. Unknown User (dmatsum)

        Clearing the cache helped at least somewhat with the M8 version and I'm now getting mostly consistent behavior in both IE cases.

        Firefox is working now, though sometimes a bit sluggish on a couple of the tabs with the wait symbol. Definitely better after accessing each tab at least once.

        IE 7 and 8 are now only having errors in the Manage Layouts area. Get "unknown runtime error" and the only result that is noticeable is that no layouts are displayed in the left hand side.

        When navigating through the tabs, IE 7 is reporting an error about the object not supporting a property. IE 8 seems fine in this area, so this maybe something very minor. Error message is of the form:

        Line: 130629060 (yes, it really does report this)
        Error: Object doesn't support this property or method
        Code: 0
        URL: http://<server name and port>/builder/manage-layouts.action?layoutId=DEFAULT

        1. In confluence 3.1 js/css resources are batched into a single file so the line number is likely to be correct!

          When you first select the tab the html that it contains is downloaded from the server, this is done to reduce the amount of html you need to start the layout editor up - hence they are faster when you select them for the second time.

          'unknown runtime error' - Gotta love IE and it's helpful error messages!

          Are you seeing anything in your atlassian-confluence.log file? If nothing stands out you can try setting com.adaptavist.confluence.builder logging to 'debug', re-run your test and remove the logging setting when you are done.

          1. Unknown User (dmatsum)

            I know, IE is always fun to debug. I have Firefox installed to aid in debugging, etc. Always fun when Firefox doesn't replicate the issue found in IE.

            I didn't see anything obvious. Wasn't sure if it was clear, but the error pops up in a IE Dialog so I assumed a javascript issue. I had been guessing it was something in the code requesting the list of layouts.


            2009-12-27 18:40:16,248 DEBUG http-8080-9 confluence.builder.conditions.BuilderSpaceCondition shouldDisplay No global helper found - creating new one
            2009-12-27 18:40:16,248 DEBUG http-8080-9 confluence.builder.conditions.BuilderSpaceCondition shouldDisplay Space has theme id:
            2009-12-27 18:40:30,357 DEBUG http-8080-9 confluence.builder.conditions.BuilderSpaceCondition shouldDisplay No global helper found - creating new one
            2009-12-27 18:40:30,373 DEBUG http-8080-9 confluence.builder.conditions.BuilderSpaceCondition shouldDisplay Space has theme id:
            2009-12-27 18:40:46,420 DEBUG http-8080-1 confluence.builder.conditions.BuilderSpaceCondition shouldDisplay No global helper found - creating new one
            2009-12-27 18:40:46,420 DEBUG http-8080-1 confluence.builder.conditions.BuilderSpaceCondition shouldDisplay Space has theme id:
            2009-12-27 18:40:51,795 DEBUG http-8080-12 adaptavist.confluence.builder.BuilderPermissionManager hasGlobalPermission found spacekey: null
            2009-12-27 18:40:51,795 DEBUG http-8080-12 adaptavist.confluence.builder.BuilderPermissionManager hasGlobalPermission Confluence admin
            2009-12-27 18:40:54,560 INFO http-8080-12 confluence.builder.layouts.LayoutManager getDefaultCache Starting new local cache: adaptavist.builder.layoutManager.hierarchyCache
            2009-12-27 18:40:54,576 DEBUG http-8080-1 adaptavist.confluence.builder.BuilderPermissionManager hasGlobalPermission Confluence admin
            2009-12-27 18:40:54,576 DEBUG http-8080-1 adaptavist.confluence.builder.BuilderPermissionManager hasGlobalPermission Confluence admin
            2009-12-27 18:40:54,576 DEBUG http-8080-1 adaptavist.confluence.builder.BuilderPermissionManager hasGlobalPermission Confluence admin
            2009-12-27 18:40:54,623 DEBUG http-8080-11 adaptavist.confluence.builder.BuilderPermissionManager hasGlobalPermission found spacekey: null
            2009-12-27 18:40:54,623 DEBUG http-8080-11 adaptavist.confluence.builder.BuilderPermissionManager hasGlobalPermission Confluence admin

            1. Unknown User (ewells)

              I am getting similar errors.

              Per a prior point in the conversation, I cannot import old (builder 2) layouts. Using local installs I progressed from builder 2 through builder 3 and on to builder 4 (M7), which imported fine and then I did an export. So I have theme exports from M7 that I would assume are fine. This was all done on a local PC using FireFox.

              So I deployed Confluence 3.1 to our WAS 6.1 server (Java 5), and applied M7. Lots of session errors using IE6 (as expected). Cannot use FireFox at all because the site is locked down with Siteminder, which doesn't work with FireFox. So I upgraded to IE7 (don't tell, out of compliance with company software police). Still getting errors so I upgraded to M8.

              Using M8, the Builder Admin screen seems to be working correctly. No errors, it renders properly, and so on. I used the Restore Layouts section to import the themes, no errors. When I went to Manage Builder Layouts I got the same "unknown runtime error" mentioned by David. Realizing I haven't turned logging to DEBUG I made that change then went back to the Builder Admin to repeat some of those steps just for logging. This time I noticed something - the Restore Layouts appears to be working, but after the import is done the screen does a refresh but I get no confirmation message. But if I go to Backup Layouts the list does not include any of my newly imported themes, and the Browse button only lists the Default theme. Implication - I'm not sure if any of my imports worked at all.

              1. Can you both create issues on in the BSUP project attaching copies of your builder 3.x backup files ... I've tried this myself and not been able to reproduce anything, everything works as expected.

                Also list what versions of confluence and builder you are coming from and going to.

                1. Unknown User (ewells)

                  Done, issue logged.

                  (Edited to remove issue number. I hadn't been worried about it, I assume Adaptavist has a secure server and good policies, but Alain's probably right, better safe than sorry.)

                  1. There is no need to post the issue number, only you and our team can see the issue - this is to protect any confidential information your layout may contain.

                2. Unknown User (dmatsum)

                  Issue logged as well.

  7. Unknown User (

    Hi, I'm trying to use theme builder V4 (M8) in confluence 3.1. I installed the content formating macros (1.6.12), Page Info plugin (1.2.9), accepted the EULA, and disabled the confluence compatibility macros. When I try to enable the theme builder theme on a space, I get the following:

    $layout.docType $themebuilder.getCacheTags($req) $themebuilder.getRssFeeds($req)

    Access Keys:
    Skip to content (Access Key - 0)

    The EULA has not yet been accepted by a system administrator
    Please install the Content Formatting Macros
    Please install the Page Information Plugin

    Any idea what could be causing this?


  8. Unknown User (briandesai)

    With theme builder 4 (M8) and Confluence 3.1, I too get the javascript errors with IE. I can use FireFox, however, it seems that only users belonging to the confluence-administrators group can edit the layouts. I've given manage layout permission to various other groups, and users in those groups, who also administer the space that's using the layout, are still not able to edit the layouts. I've even tried the confluence-users group (i.e. everybody) to no avail. The error given under each of the layout editor tabs is the standard Confluence one:

    Not Permitted

    You are not permitted to perform this operation.

    It's ironic, as that user can create new layouts, and delete layouts, but just can't edit any of those layouts, including the ones they've created.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is the software still a little buggy?

    - Looking forward to a version that works with Confluence 3.1...

  9. Unknown User (kichap)

    I installed themebuilder 4.0 RC1 in confluence 3.1, created a space and applied the theme created in themebuilder 4.0. But after applying the theme and then navigating to the homepage of the space, I am logged out of confluence. Installed content formatting plugin, Page information plugin. Do I have to install any other plugin along with themebuilder 4.0
    so that I don't have to face this problem.

    1. It is highly unlikely that builder will cause authentication issues, I would suggest that you need to be looking at your logs to find out what's going wrong with your auth, and that the timing of this problem is purely coincidental.

      1. Unknown User (kichap)

        Thanks Alain,

        Later I found out that it is not becoz of the new version 4.0. At the time of applying the theme on Confluence 3.1 (port 8090), I was already having confluence 2.7.1 running on port 8080 with themebuilder ver 3.3.3 installed on that. Actually I wanted to transfer the themes from conf 2.7.1 to conf 3.1. And when I shutdown the Confluence 2.7.1 and after restarting the new Conf 3.1 I was able to apply the themes onto Conf 3.1.


    2. Unknown User (

      We are having the same problem with our confluence build in regards to the themebuilder having permissions issues. have you gotten any resolution to this problem? We don't want to be stuck on 3.0.

      Any time we try to use themebuilder 4.0 on confluence 3.1 there are permissions errors if the users is not under the confluence-administrators group. Any other space admins can't edit the pages even if we give them permissions. This is a real deal breaker.

      Adaptavist Theme Builder (4.0.0-RC2) Powered by Atlassian Confluence 3.1, the Enterprise Wiki.

      Hopefully an update can fix this.

      1. Builder does not alter the permission system in any way, this problem is unlikely to be caused by builder.

        We are unable to reproduce the described problems locally using standalone confluence 3.1 or 3.1.1 (tomcat) and both safari & firefox on MacOS using Builder 4.0.0 (final).

        Unknown User (kicha) discovered that his problems were related to his setup and cleaning up his configuration resolved the problem, perhaps this path will also be helpful to you?

  10. Unknown User (

    We're experiencing the same behaviour that Brian Desai reported after upgrading to Confluence 3.1 and Theme Builder 4.0. Only someone who is in the confluence-administrators group can modify a layout even if the permissions include groups with folks who are not in that group.

    Either we're missing an upgrade step or there is a bug with the 4.0 version of theme builder. I've tried turning on debug logging to see if there are any authentication issues for a normal user, and there are not. I've tried restarting Confluence and checking over our configuration, and that didn't help. The database has been restarted, I've cleared the cache completely in my browser, etc. Still, only the confluence-administrator group can modify layouts, and the interface to the Theme Builder admin area seems to be partially non-functional. I noticed this same problem in RC1 but was hoping it would be fixed in the 4.0 release version. It almost seems like there is a conflict between Confluence 3.1 theme permissions and data, and Theme Builder permissions and data.

    This probably needs to be looked at and patched.

    1. Unknown User (briandesai)

      I too was hoping it would be fixed in the 4.0 release version, but it doesn't appear to be. Many of the JavaScript errors with Internet Explorer seem to be fixed, but the Backup tab under Builder Administration doesn't even render anything in IE. It works fine in FireFox though. Also, the global permissions don't seem to work at all. There's no "Save" button, and when I type in those text boxes, nothing happens (I used to get an auto-complete drop-down where I could select the Confluence group, but now I get nothing). And, of course, I too still get the not permitted text for anyone not in confluence-administrators group when trying to edit a layout.

      I'm using FireFox 3.5.7 and IE8 on Windows XP.

        1. Unknown User (briandesai)

          I installed 4.0.1-M1, restarted Confluence, and cleared my browser cache. I get much of the same. The Global Permissions tab appears to be somewhat functional in FireFox, but not in IE. It came up with defaults of confluence-users. If I remove that, I no longer see the edit layout option for non-administrator users, which I would expect. But giving access to confluence-users group again, a non-administrator user can see the option for editing the layout, but still gets the 'Not Permitted' problem.

          Here are some of the problems that still exist:

          • 'Not Permitted' message for non-administrative users (described above)
          • The Backup tab still doesn't render anything in IE.
          • The Manage Spaces tab always pops up a prompt asking me if I want to stop the long running script, in both IE and FireFox (I have 219 spaces total - global and personal)
          • In the Backup tab, I can't delete or rebuild anything without first clicking the Download button to create a backup. I can understand the reasoning for this, but if I've downloaded a backup already, browsed away from that page, and browse back, I'm forced to re-download. I can always cancel it, but it's annoying.

          I'm running Confluence 3.1, and have not tested any of the layout modifications - just the administration.

          1. The usage of manage-layouts was restricted to site-admins & space-admins back in 3.3.3, this is how it has worked for some time. Where are you seeing a link to the manage-layouts action that is displayed to an end user?

            What version of IE are you using?

            The rebuilds forcing you to download a backup of all layouts AND enter your host name is deliberate ... it avoids you running destructive actions without first having a backup copy of your data.

            It may be annoying, but that is the way it is meant to be, the point is to make you think about what you are doing - making the procedure to run them as obtuse and annoying as possible reduces the chance of you doing something without thinking about it.

            1. Unknown User (briandesai)

              The user account I'm using has space administration privileges in the space whose layout I'm trying to edit. I wish I could attach images to this page, and could show you better. But in the space, when I go to Edit -> Administration -> Edit Layout (/confluence/builder/manage-layouts.action page), under each of the tabs (Overview, Layout, Menus, etc.), the content of the tab is the error message. It looks like the same content that Confluence returns when you try to browse to a page you don't have permission to.

              Similarly, when I go to Edit -> Administration -> Choose Layout, and select the DEFAULT layout, I get the following:

              The following error(s) occurred:

              • You do not have permission to use this layout.

              When I select the layout that is already set, and click Save, I get this error:

              The following error(s) occurred:

              • User does not have permission to administer site :

              I'm using IE 8 on Windows XP. The same thing happens with FireFox 3.5.7.

              1. Unknown User (

                Our Confluence users are also experiencing this problem. Confluence 3.1.1, Theme Builder 4.0.1. The message our users receive is "You are
                not permitted to perform this operation."

                I would love to hear about a way of fixing the problem.

                1. Go to theme administration select the global permissions tab and add a group other than confluence-administrators to the 'manage layouts' permission

                  1. Unknown User (briandesai)

                    I've entered the confluence-users group in every text box in the Global Permissions tab, which should give everyone access. The same problem persists. We're using LDAP for user authentication, not sure if that makes a difference.

                    I've tried this with version 4.0.2 M1 as well - same issue persists.

        2. Unknown User (skoch)

          With 4.0.1-M1 I also see that the contents of the Backup tab is not rendering in IE 7/8. Displays fine in Firefox.

          1. The fix for this will be included in the 4.0.2 milestone release tomorrow.

  11. Unknown User (hjones)

    We converted Conflence from 3.0.2 to 3.1.1 on one machine and 3.1.2 on another.

    Have tried Adaptavist Theme Builder Plugin Version: 4.0.1 and 4.0.2-M2.

    A user who is a space admin, is in a group that is in all three Theme Builder permissions boxes, and is not a Confluence administrator can:

    Create new layout (but not edit it)

    Delete the new layout.

    But gets:


    You are not permitted to perform this operation

    when trying to manage layout.

    We have tried numerious things such as exporting the layouts, deleting the layouts, and creating a new one from default. Have tried re-installing Theme Builder, deleting and re-doing the permissions, etc. If you remove the Global Theme Builder permissions for this user, the Mange Layouts disapears so it is seeing the permission changes.

    Because of security issues we cannot make the Web Designers Confluence administrators.

    1. Thanks for the bug report ... it looks as though the jQuery UI wasn't passing the spacekey along with it's requests, this has been updated in M3 which will be released later today.

      1. Unknown User (hjones)

        Thanks for the quick response. It is very much appreciated.

        M3 fixed our problem. Edit Layout now works in 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 for non-admin users.

  12. Unknown User (kkmohan)

    Well we're using Confluence 3.1.2 and ThemeBuilder 4.0.2-M5 and are still getting a horrible error when users attempt to load mail within Confluence.

    java.lang.RuntimeException: Error rendering template for decorator root
        at com.atlassian.confluence.setup.velocity.ApplyDecoratorDirective.render(
    caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error rendering template for decorator mail
        at com.atlassian.confluence.setup.velocity.ApplyDecoratorDirective.render(
    caused by: org.apache.velocity.exception.MethodInvocationException: Invocation of method 'format' in class com.atlassian.confluence.util.GeneralUtil threw exception java.lang.StackOverflowError at templates/builder/theme/mail.vmd[line 120, column 54]
        at org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.node.ASTMethod.handleInvocationException(
    caused by: java.lang.StackOverflowError
        at com.atlassian.confluence.util.GeneralUtil.format(
  13. Unknown User (

    I was running Conf 3.0.2 with Theme Builder 4.0.0-M6-conf3-SNAPSHOT - the admin section of Theme Builder all worked correctly.

    I upgraded Conf to 3.1

    I was testing with FF 3.6.3 and noticed that the back up tab didn't render so I upgraded Theme Builder to 4.0.2 - the same problem persists.

    I then accessed the backup tab in IE8 and this rendered correctly.

    I have a similar problem in the Manage Layouts screen, the "Available Layouts" section renders it's title and the Save, New etc... buttons and the Layout Editor renders it's title (as "Layout Editor: (Read Only)") and the Overview, Layout etc... tabs, however clicking on the Available Layout's buttons or the Layout Editor's tabs does nothing. - no layouts are rendered, nothing under the Layout Editor's tabs is rendered either.

    Also, when I access the Choose Layout screen the main title gets rendered as "" and I recieve 2 FF message boxes with the message "ManageLayouts is not defined" with just an OK button. Then the page is not rendered correctly and clicking on any layout generates the same FF message box.

    So just to clarify my issues appears to be round the other way to most people posting on here, IE works fine and it's FF that has the issue!

    1. Unknown User (

      Upgrading Confluence to v3.1.2 seems to have resolved the issue!! :D Works in IE and FF!

      1. Unknown User (

        Although Choose Layout title still renders as:

        In IE and in FF. Any ideas?

        1. Unknown User (

          Ok so \templates\builder\layouts\admin-chooselayout.vm has the following line:
          #set($actionName = $action.getText(""))##

          But \i18n\builder\ has this line:

          Namespace compare:

          Is this a bug or am I barking up the wrong tree?

          Any helps and hints would be much appreciated!


          1. That's a bug and will be resolved in the next release of builder.

            If you are feeling adventurous (and it bothers you enough) then you can edit the .vm file to match the properties file

            1. Unknown User (

              Excellent, thanks for this.

              Yeah I would do except I'm new to Confluence and I don't know where the plug .jar files are stored or if they are called something helpful like themebuilder4.0.2.jar or does Confluence just give them a unique ID as a name?

              I will be googleing (smile)