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I'm trying to get TB running on a local install to play around with it following the webinar. I've followed the install instructions and have installed both dependencies and disabled the compatability macros but whenever I click on "Manage Layouts" I get a page with the default layout and the correct title but no content - i.e the div with class "pagebody" is empty.

I don't have any errors appearing in FireBug but in the server/application log files there is one error:

2009-05-09 14:18:09,882 INFO [http-8090-5] [admin.actions.plugins.ManagePluginsAction] execute Plugin operation: null attempted by id:98305

I suspect its a configuration error on my part rather than a bug but do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, James

System: Win XP SP3
Confluence: 2.10.3 standalone
License: $5 starter
Theme Builder: 3.3.4-M6-conf210

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  1. Unknown User (jmcgivern)

    Sorry, as I suspected the fault was mine; I had failed to apply the theme builder theme to any space.

    And the error message was timeout on the AJAX call to the repository manager.

    All fixed now.