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These macros allow you to move or delete standard Confluence user interface features such as the breadcrumb trail and comments, or optionally show parts of the theme depending on the current view (e.g. only show the label editor on pages and news items). Unlike most other macros, you can only use them inside Builder panels - they will not work anywhere else.

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  1. Unknown User (kens)

    We've recently installed the descendent notification plugin and was wondering if there is a builder macro for it similar to the builder-watchicon macro. I realize I can use the compound menuitem macro to place the functionality within the Edit menu, but I'd like to place the icon in the title panel like the builder-watchicon provides. I would prefer having the icon vs. text in the title panel to provide the functionality, but we turn off icon displays to improve performance. The behaviour of the builder-watchicon macro works great, hence the desire for something similar.

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      Assuming you have builder 3.3.3 installed and have setup a menulink alias called 'descendant' you would use the following code to insert it as an icon.


      Which incidentally is exactly how builder-watchicon works (big grin)

      1. Unknown User (kens)

        Thanks for the info. We are running 3.2.1. Is there a solution for this version?