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I'm setting up a site based on Confluence 3.0.2 and the latest compatible version of builder.

I've run into a problem where div#atb-contentdiv and div#atb-content refuse to grow wider when the content requires it. The former will display its overflow and the latter will produce a scrollbar to accomodate it. The problem seems to be the code as the DEFAULT layout stretches.

Whatever the problem is, I can't pinpoint it. I have margins on both sides of the page. The idea being that the page width stretches with the browser window and shrinks as well, up to a point. Unless wide content forces the width.

If I stick anything wide (a hr, a div or a long, unroken line of text) inside div#atb-titlediv, the page width stretches as it should. The content divs just clip (or overflow, if I set them to do so by css).


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  1. Unknown User (

    My bad,

    I'd included the oversized content css fix.

    r. Ville