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Page settings change the way all pages within a space are presented...The "Page Settings" panel is part of the Builder Theme Configuration 1.6.x screen:

Page Width

Availability: Builder 1.4.2 and above
Default: 750px

This setting defines how wide the pages should be - either as a fixed number of pixels or as a percentage of the width of the web browser window that's being used to view your site.




The smallest common screen resolution these days is around 800px x 600px (width x height). We reccommend that if you use a fixed width you do not exceed any more than 770px to avoid dreadful horizontal scrolling (something end-users loathe).

Remember that some of the screen width is taken up by scrollbars, shortcut bars, quicklaunch bars, etc., depending on the configuration of the end-user's machine.

Show Information Panel

Availability: Builder 1.5 and above
Default: Enabled (show the information bar)

The information bar appears at the top of pages and newsitems and looks like this:

As you can see, it contains the following information:

  • Author
  • Last Editor (and date)
  • Change comment (if applicable)
  • Page lables
  • Favourites button
  • Watch page button

In many cases, this information is useful and desirable - such as in this user guide.

However, for glossy websites and/or intranets, this information is not needed and clutters up the top of the screen. To hide the information bar (and therefore all the items in the list above), de-select this setting.

 Prior to Builder 1.6 some macros, such as the calendar macro and footnote macro, would fail when the information bar was not shown. Builder 1.6 and above resolves this issue.

Enable PNG Support

Availability: Builder 1.5 and above. Became optional in 1.6 and above.
Default: Enabled (support for PNG images)

Builder 1.5 added full support for PNG image alpha-transparency support for Internet Explorer...

Internet Explorer versions between 5.5 and 7.0 don't display PNG images properly. Instead of having transparent regions a pale blue colour is shown.

PNG Support Enabled

PNG Support Disabled

Note: Images used above are not PNG's and are for illustrative purposes only.  

When selected, this option performs some magic to make sure that Internet Explorer 5.5 and above correctly display transparent regions in PNG images.

On all other browsers, such as Firefox, Camino and Safari, PNG images are correctly displayed – this setting has no effect on those browsers. This setting only affects Internet Explorer.

When should PNG support be disabled?

You should disable PNG support if:

  • you do not plan on using any PNG images on your site
  • you are using PNG images, but none of them use transparency
  • nobody uses Internet Explorer to access your site
  • it's causing pages with lots of images to load too slowly
  • you want to coax Internet Explorer users to upgrade to a modern browser that actually works (tongue)

By disabling PNG support, you reduce the amount of work the web browser has to do in order to display a page, thus making your site seem more responsive. On pages with lots and lots of images, this can lead to noticeable speed increases within Internet Explorer.

Remove Dashboard from Breadcrumb Trail

Availability: Builder 1.5 and above. Distinct option in 1.6 and above.
Default: Disabled (show Dashboard link)

By default, the first item on the Breadcrumb Trail is a link to The Dashboard.

In some scenarios, having a link to the Dashboard would be highly undesirable so you can use this option to hide the link!

When selected, as we've done in this user guide, the "Dashboard" link will be removed from the start of the breadcrumb trail.

Note: It's still possible to get to the dashboard, but hiding this link greatly reduces the likelihood of that happening. 

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