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We have recently started using Theme Builder to drive a consistent look and feel across our Confluence installation. The theme was created by Adaptavist and so far we have been very happy with what was produced. We have found a few small issues over the last few months that were easily resolved by reading the available documentation here which is great.

We have hit our first issue that we have been unable to resolve and are looking for some assistance.

Our theme using the left side navigation bar. The content of the bar is as follows:

{div:class=first-panel-heading}h3. Space Plan{div}

The navigation that this produces is exactly what we wanted. However when a user access a wiki page that has page level restrictions and they do not have access to view the page the resulting page ("You cannot view this page") refreshes over and over again.

We have been able to track the problem back to the use of the pagetree macro used in the left navigation bar.

After reading through the Theme Builder documentation I thought that the following code would resolve the issue:


Unfortunately the builder-show macro does not appear to have any affect on the content of the left navigation bar. I would think others have hit this issue in the past and there is a rather simple solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks, John
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