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We currently have a Confluence 2.10 and Adaptavist Theme Builder plugin version 3.3.6 installed.

We are encountering a problem on IE 7 and 8 browsers when trying to load pages with large wiki markup.

We are getting the following error. 

According to what I found on the web the error is caused by inline javascript in the markup.

Has anyone encountered the above error?  Or how to even identify what inline javascript might be causing the problem?

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  1. You can check to see if the problem is coming from your layout definition by appending ?layout=default to the URL of the page (this will force builder to use the default layout which contains minimal content)

    I suspect however that the JS may be coming from a plugin which is interacting with the large page size ... builder itself jumps through many hoops to avoid altering the DOM before the page has finished loading (way back when, IE would crash hard and just close the browser window if you tried modifying the DOM before it had finished loading), so I suspect the problem may be coming from another plugin which is not quite so careful.

    One way to test this would be to go into 'support mode' (which disables all third party plugins) and view the page using the default theme, then manually enable builder (leaving all the other plugins disabled) and see what happens (it'll likely complain about content formatting & page-info but just ignore that for your test)

    After that, enable each plugin in turn until it starts breaking again ... disable that plugin & note it's name and then continue until all your plugins are enable except for the one which causes the problem