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I have an evaluation copy of Confluence and i have downloaded all the plug ins, but when i select your themebuilder in site admin, i get a horrible screen and it doesn't recognise the macros, also it seems that the layouts etc are all only read only. What do i need to do so that i canstart to use your theme builder plugin?


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  1. Hehe ... while it may be tempting to install all of the plugins that are on PAC doing so is generally in-advisable since they may interact with each other in unexpected ways.

    Best practice is to install only one plugin at a time, check that things are still working as expected & try out the functionality, if you like it then keep it installed, if not uninstall & then move onto the next.

    I would suspect that the 'horrible' screen is caused by some kind of corruption caused by an interaction with one of the plugins you have installed, however since you have installed all of the plugins it's not going to be possible to work out which one is the source of your problems.

    You are correct, the default layout is read-only, if you take some time to read the documentation then the reasons for this are explained, as is the path to creating new layouts (click the 'new layout' button)