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closer investigation led us to believe that we do have an issue with displaying all the versions of an attachment (when one has multiple versions).

Clicking on the grey icon doesn't change a thing on FF3.0.10; on IE6, it shows 'Errors on page' (well, in dutch) on the bottom of the page.

This happens with Confluence 2.10.3 and ATB 3.3.3-conf210, in a space with ATB applied. Without ATB applied, it works well.

It also works fine in my personal wiki running Confluence 2.10.3 with ATB 3.3.4-M7.

My specific question: is this a bug addressed in 3.3.4, or is something else? If something else, what could that be?

Thanks in advance, Regards,


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  1. Yes, that problem should be resolved by 3.3.4-M2