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Is there a way to modify the placement of the page elements for news items? I'd like to display the news title first, followed by date & author on the next line. I can modify the various blogxxx styles to change their appearance, but I don't see a place to change the order.

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Are you referring to the blog-posts macro or the news action (which would be on the News tab in Browse Space on the default Confluence theme)?

    If the blog-posts macro, then is what we have on our Builder home page what you are after? That was done by using the display=excerpts parameter on the blog-posts macro and then applying CSS to hide the bits we didn't want.

    For additional control, you'd have to start digging round the velocity files within Confluence itself, the downside being that each time you upgrade Confluence you'd have to make the changes all over again, taking in to account any changes that Atlassian made to the templates.

    1. I've got a better idea ... rip all of the blogpost interface elements out of the decorator and put them into macros in exactly the same was as we create the buildet-comments and labels macros (wink)

      This wont happen for 3.0.0

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        That still won't allow customisation of the output though (sad) Need to ponder how to generically customise macro output.

        1. I guess it's a questionably named post then ... by the title it sounds as though they are talking about the way that blog-posts themselves are displayed ... i guess you must be talking about the output of the blog-posts macro ... which is what the bubbles news macro is all about.

          1. Unknown User (gfraser)

            I was thinking of the space news page (eg. click news tab to left) that has the calendar. With the stuff Dan's been working on we could macro-ify the various elements of the page (news list and calendar, etc) but for things like the news list - which is essentially a blog-posts macro type of output - there's currently no way to tailor the structure of the output to precise needs. Then again, providing such features would be overkill for most people. As with anything it's a case of balance. I guess the benefit of having something that's mostly macro based but where macros are pretty static in their output allows best of both worlds because it makes it nice and easy to customise and allows people to create their own macros if they need more complete control.

            1. The format of the blog listing pages appears to be defined in space.vmd ... well, it is cycling through a list of blogposts for a specific date and listing them out ... it wouldnt take much testing to find out for sure whether this is what I think it is .. making i editable would probably need to use veloci-wiki though, but it should be do-able.