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Is there a way to customize the user profile page through theme builder by calling a macro without using community bubble?

In our production confluence in the global layout we call a custom macro to show the user profile.

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  1. That depends on several things, most importantly what do you mean by 'customise the user profile page' but it's also dependant on the version of confluence and builder that you are using.

    Assuming you want to use a different layout when viewing the profile pages, and are using builder 3.3.3 running on confluence 2.10 then you can use the following code to automatically select a different layout when viewing anything rendered through the profile decorator, eg:

    1. Unknown User (mercyships)

      We have a custom macro that displays user information from our ldap like phones and job title. We want to only display this output in the view profile page. I can display it in the title panel. However I have not figured out how to remove what is normally displayed in the content panel.

      We are using builder 3.3.0 running confluence 2.9.2

      1. That actually sounds like you would be better off going a different route.

        You should look into displaying the data through an xwork action, and then add a tab to the user profile screen using a webui link that points at your action.