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We run Confluence 2.9.2 and the latest version of ThemeBuidler for it.

I have noticed in the source that all of our pages have the following showing for the metadata description field:

<META name="DESCRIPTION" content="

Unknown macro: {compound-menuitem}

<META name="KEYWORDS" content="welcome, peter, kiener, rdnet, video, create, contribute, collaborate, communication, kim, knowledge">

Why is this and how do I change it as I can't find where it is in the layout for this space.


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  1. use the {excerpt} macro to set the description and labels to set the keywords.

  2. Unknown User (matg)

    Still having this issue in 3.4.8 and latest Theme Builder 4.2.2.

    Description meta data field displays as:

    <meta name="Generator" content="Adaptavist Theme Builder 4.2.2">
        <meta name="DESCRIPTION" content="
    How can I get it to show the real page description, there is nowhere to edit the content int the layout manager.


    1. Unknown User (matg)