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Navigation is a key aspect of any online site - people need to be able to get to the various resources and pages of a site quickly and easily.

Traditionally, website navigation has been implemented using links at the top and side of the page. The links at the top of a page usually relate to key areas of the site while the links at the side usually relate to specific places within the currently selected area.

As websites have grown ever larger, it's become more and more difficult to display all the required navigation. To get round this problem, Theme Builder provides a mechanism for adding menus to your wiki:

The Windows Longhorn menu style


The menu bar has several distinct benefits over more traditional navigation:

  • All of the navigation is tidied away in to the menu - your pages can now be used for their original purpose: to present information!
  • Users can quickly access not only the key areas of a site, but the main locations within those areas - regardless of where they are within your site
  • Menus ensure that a consistent navigation method is used throughout your site and because all users are familiar with menus, they find them quick and easy to use

To view related tutorials specific to your version of Theme Builder, click the appropriate version below:

 Can I customise the View and Edit menus?


 I want to include a navigation bar as well as a menu - is this possible?

Yes - you will need to use Theme Builder 2.0 or above.

 Can I place menus in pages and other places?

Yes - you'll need Theme Builder 2.0 or above and can use the menubar macro to add menus to pretty much any location.

Note: The menus will only work in areas that are themed with Theme Builder as it includes the required JavaScript and CSS files needed to make the menus work. If you've got Theme Builder installed and want to use menus in other places, you'll have to add the relevant JavaScript and CSS to your other themes.

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  1. Unknown User (

    this is good motivation... I like the explanation of menu systems and the three benefits. especially being confronted with legacy navigation that can be discouraging.