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These macros are used to create links to Confluence features, display icons associated with those links and organise these in to hierarchical menus.

  • compound-menuitem macroThis macro creates a link to a specific Confluence feature or page relative to the current location in the wiki.
  • editmenu macroinserts the contents of the edit menu as defined in theme config into a menu definition.
  • fav-menu macroAllows you to create a menu that uses the favourite icon (A star). Providing an visual indicator if the space or page is a favourite.
  • Links - Quick ReferenceThis page provides a quick-reference guide to the parameters and features of the menulink macro and compound-menuitem macro (click for more information when/where to use each macro).
  • menubar macroan extremely powerful and flexible macro that allows you to create superb on-screen navigation tools
  • menuicon macrocreates an icon for use within the menu
  • menuitem macroused for containing individual menu items
  • menulink macroThis macro creates a link to a specific Confluence feature or page relative to the current location in the wiki.
  • menu macrocreates an item in your menu
  • menuseparator macroused for inserting separators between menu items
  • submenu macroused to embed a submenu within a menu
  • sub-submenu macroused to embed a submenu within a submenu
  • viewmenu macroinserts the contents of the view menu as defined in theme config into a menu definition.
  • watch-menu macroused to embed a submenu with an icon that reflects the watch state
  • webui-list macrogenerates an unordered list of webui items for a given location
  • wikimenu macroused to embed wiki notation menus and the output from other macros
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  1. Unknown User (baaderst)

    Great stuff, the Theme Builder.
    What I'm missing (or trying without success): when I have a horizontal main navigation menu as here on this page the current menu item is not marked as active state. Only on mouse over. For user orientation it would be better to highlight that.

  2. Unknown User (scayla)

    Hmmm, I was wondering the same thing.
    If I understand what you say, in the menu (eg. here we have Products, Theme builder plugin:, about, ...), the "documentation" link seems to be "active" (It does not have the same behaviour as the other links).
    How did you manage to get this behaviour ? I guess I could use jquery to do this.
    Any advice ?


    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      We used a new feature in Builder called "flag logic" - the set-flag macro (as yet undocumented apart from the notation guide) is used in conjunction with the builder-show and builder-hide macros to determine the location in the site. Each set flag causes a class to be added to the body tag, eg. "flag-zone-products" and we add the same class to menu items (tabs, sections) then use CSS to change the background, etc., on the links to "highlight" them as active.

      1. Unknown User (scayla)

        Oh yes I saw the flag feature in the release notes, read a little about it but completely forgot its usage.
        I'll give it a try, thanks Guy for your fast answer !


  3. Unknown User (sfwinter)

    Is there any way to reference menu macros if Themebuilder is installed but not your selected theme?

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      Most of the menulink destinations will work without the builder theme being active, however a small number of them may not work without using in a builder panel ... I do not have a definitive list of which will work and which will not .. trial/error is your only guide here.

  4. Unknown User (abbriste)

    I am having a general issue with the menus. The content of my menu is such that I would like to right click and open it in a different tab or window to have as reference. However, none of my menus will allow a right click that opens the context menu for "open in new tab". They only go to the link.

    Have others reported this? Is there a box I need to make sure is checked, or a piece of code I need to make sure to include to get this to function the way I'd like?

    1. Unknown User (bbandlamudi)

      Same problem here.. Does anyone have a solution to this? i.e, how to get a right click context menu (on theme builder menu items) with "open in new window/tab" option?

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        We're working on this - eg. if you right-click the menus at the top of this page you'll see the normal browser menu appear.

        We essentially turned off the hMenu system (un-tick "use javascript menus" on menus tab in layout manager) and then used custom CSS and some javascript to craft our own version of the menus. It's still highly experimental so not something we're ready to release yet, sorry.

        1. Unknown User (bbandlamudi)

          Thanks for quick response. I guess, we will wait for the next release that includes this fix. I am wondering if there is a support ticket associated with this issue and if not, would you like me to open a ticket?

          1. Unknown User (amoran)

            Initially it's likely to only be available to our supported customers, however we may open it up to free users at some point.

          2. Unknown User (gfraser)

            It's been a long-running task. Replacing the hMenu library is a non-trivial task, it will be quite a few releases before we release the new menu system.

            In the interim you can use a jQuery menu (eg. suckerfish, etc) if you're familiar with javascript and CSS.

            We don't have any other information available for release at this time.