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This tutorial explains how to add icons to your menus in Theme Builder 1.x...

If you've seen our company website, you will notice that most items menus have an icon.

The icons help to make items more recognisable, especially for regular visitors.

The icons must be 16x16 pixels and can be GIF, JPEG or PNG format. We recommend using GIF icons as they are the most widely supported format that supports transparency.

For avoidance of doubt, you can not use Windows icons (.ico files) or Macintosh icons.

The method for adding icons to menus is slightly different depending on whether you're adding them to the menu bar or one of the pop-up menus...

To add an icon to a button on the menu bar, use the following notation:

* [!! Home|Home|Back to the home page...]
* [!! Builder|Builder|Stuff about Builder...]

The icon would be included inside the link. This is critical if you want the icon to be displayed properly on the menu bar.

The notation to get icons in pop-up menus and sub-menus is almost identical, however the image must be outside the link.

The example below shows the difference between an icon on the menubar (the "Home" link) and an icon in a pop-up menu (the "Builder" link):

* [!! Home|Home|Back to the home page...]
** !! [Builder|Builder|Stuff about Builder...]
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