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Dear Adaptavist,

I have theme builder 3.3.6 running Confluence 3.0.1.

I would like to have the Edit|Add|Tools menu on the right hand side of the navigation section.

However, when I try to do this, it puts a border around the Edit|Add|Tools menu which I don't want.

In Theme Builder I'm using the menu skin ' System' - which could be the issue.

Theme Builder > Manage Layouts > Layout > Navigation > Content

This is my code:


Any pointers would be appreciated - even if its to tell me it can't be done.



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  1. Unknown User (tsmori)

    I accomplished this by doing the following:

    Add class=tools to your menubar macro, i.e.


    Then in your custom css, add:

    .tools .dynarch-horiz-menu table tr,
    .tools .dynarch-horiz-menu table tr td.hover,
    .tools .dynarch-horiz-menu table tr td.pressed { 
         border: none; 
         padding: 2px 10px;

    You may need to adjust the padding. I had to add that to make the text stop moving when you mouseover it.

    1. Unknown User (mo)

      Thank you Tim