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We have recently upgraded Confluence to version 3.4.6 and Theme Builder to version 4.2.0. The upgrade process was a migration to a clean install because we also changed from the internal Confluence database to an external MS SQL server. Since the migration I have been noticing that the html and subspaces macros in the layout heading are not when displayed on any of the administration pages, such as /pages/listpages-dirview.action or the /builder/manage-layouts.action pages. The macros work fine when displaying pages within spaces. I am sure it is a setting that I missed; I cannot figure it out.

I found an old post "I broke my header ". I verified that my panel mode was set to 'wiki markup', I changed it to 'velocity then wiki markup' but there was no change.

Thanks in advance for any direction,

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  1. The sub-spaces macro is part of the metadata v2 plugin, you would probably be better off using {list-spaces:display=tree} since it's more efficient than the metadata.v2 version, has better css classes & is inbuilt in builder.

    As to the html macro, you probably need to enable it in site admin, however you would be well advised to avoid using the html macro & instead turn to the html tag macros in content-formatting.

    1. Unknown User (

      Greetings Alain,

      Thanks for the response. Is there documentation with more options for the list-spaces macro? What we are trying for is menu of spaces (About Us, Library Resources, etc.) similar to what is shown in the image below.

      I forgot to mention that we have used the subspaces plugin to set up a hierarchy of spaces and subspaces as well. The subspaces macro allows for a drop-down style menu of spaces.

      Thanks again for your help.


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