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  1. Unknown User (

    We are using Adaptavist Theme Builder. I would like the macro for adding a company logo on the Menu panel in our Layout. I don't want the logo to appear in Header panel.

    Currently we have the following on the Menu within Confluence:

    • About Us
    • Our People
    • Our Teams
    • What's New
    • View
    • Edit
    • Sign Off
    • Search box

    I would like the logo to appear at the far right side of the Menu bar after the Search Box.

    I have the following code. It would be appreciated if soemone can help me with the code to add the logo at far right after the search box. Thanks. Much appreciated,

    {menuitem}{menulink:home|space=PSC}About Us{menulink}{menuitem}{menuseparator}
    {menuitem}{menulink:home|space=HR}Our People{menulink}{menuitem}{menuseparator}
    {menuitem}{menulink:home|space=HR/Our+Teams}Our Teams{menulink}{menuitem}{menuseparator}
    {menuitem}{menulink:home|space=PSC/What's+New}What's New{menulink}{menuitem}{menuseparator}
    {menuitem}{menulink:Logout}Sign Out{menulink}{menuitem}
    1. If you are using Theme Builder 4, you can upload an image into your layout using the 'Resources' tab and then add the following to the end of the table row:


      (obviously change the YOUR_LAYOUT_ID, and your_company_logo.png names)

      1. Unknown User (

        Thank you for the prompt response. Unfortunately,we are using Theme Builder 3.3.6 conf210). Is there an alternative considering we are usibng a lower version?