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Hi all, hoping someone can provide a little help. I'm working on our first theme using theme builder (4.1.3, Confluence version 3.3) right now, and I noticed something odd with the forums (using the Bubbles plugin) we have set.

If a forum page is unlocked, the theme displays correctly. After you select "Lock page comments" and the page reloads, several of my menus and the breadcrumbs trail disappear (I'll attach image examples at the end). If I refresh the page, it stays the same (missing the menus), but if I go back to the forum, and then open the page up from there, it displays everything correctly again.

Not sure if this is a Bubbles issues or Theme Builder, but I'm hoping to at least work around it. Does anyone know why this happens?

One thing I noticed that was curious is normally the "head" section of the html will show something like this:

<body onload="BuilderEvents.onPageLoad();" onunload="BuilderEvents.onPageUnload();"
class="atb-body layout-~AARONB  spacekey-BF mode-view context-page decorator-page 
action-viewpage" id="atb-document">

But after locking page comments when things are missing, it looks like this:

<body onload="BuilderEvents.onPageLoad();" onunload="BuilderEvents.onPageUnload();"
class="atb-body layout-~AARONB  nospacekey nomode nocontext nodecorator noaction" 

Not sure if the nomode, nocontext, nospacekey, etc are the cause of the issue. For the missing menu items and breadcrumb trail, I don't have any builder-show conditions set either.



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  1. Unknown User (qsefthukilp)

    Something new I noticed for when this is happening:

    If the page is loaded via pageID, example:

    The page displays everything it should. This is how the page is loaded from the forum link. If you go to the page name (pasting in directly, via bread crumb trail, etc) where the url shows like this:

    Then the page is "broken".