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Currently, you can call the List Pages - tree by calling the menulink:map, is there any way to call listpages-alphaview.action? This would be very helpful for our dictionary space.

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  1. Unknown User (dannyzen)

    it look like menulink:info does the trick.

    Follow up: Is there anyway that this menulink can exist as a macro one could call on a page?

    1. Most of the builder macros can be used on a page, the exceptions are those which contain the name 'builder' in them, eg {builder-labels}, {builder-children} etc.. since these macros depend on certain pieces of information that are provided by builder in panels - hence the naming scheme (wink)

      There is a exception to this (kinda), in the builder-show/hide macros which will work partially on a page - for instance switching on mode/context/decorator wont work on a page/blogpost, but a lot of the other tests will still function.

      1. Unknown User (dannyzen)

        So to confirm, i should be able to use {builder:info} to provide the result i'm looking for?