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I am upgrading my Confluence instance to 3.0 with Builder 3.3.5.  All is going smoothly with the exception of a custom icon in my menu bar.  It works fine in 2.10 w/ 3.3.3 - I'm wondering if my code syntax is improper? 

Unknown macro: {compound-menuitem}

EmployeeDir is a link alias that links to ../EMPDIR/Employee+Directory.  The error that is occuring is: Error formatting macro: compound-menuitem: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1

I have another custom icon that links to an external website, and it is working properly.  Any input would be appreciated - Thanks, JZ

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  1. Unknown User (jamie.zabel)

    I apologize - confluence/themebuilder dumped my {code} macro upon saving, I should have Previewed first. Here is my code:

    {compound-menuitem:EmployeeDir|flat=true|imginside=true|tooltip=Employee Directory|icon=users1}