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After we updated to Confluence 3.0, the links in the LSB all run together without the line breaks. Nothing seems to work to fix this. We have Theme Builder 3.3.5 installed.

Any ideas???

Thank you!

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  1. Use an unordered list to contain the links.

    a) it is more semantic
    b) it avoids problems created by the confluence 3.0 wiki-markup renederer.

    1. Unknown User (sarah.lund)

      Sorry I'm really struggling with this. The links are created using the following code in the LSB (had to remove the brackets to get the code to show). What would I need to change?
      Thank you!

      local-reporter:content:children|type=page text-sort:content:title local-reporter
      report-image:content:icon report-info:content:title|link=true
      report-empty No Children Found report-empty

      1. Ah, the reporting macro, I'm sure that there is a way to do it however my experience with using that macro is very limited.

        I've asked David to swing by and see if he can offer any advice, however by the looks of things is this just listing the current page's children? Would the {children} macro not do the same job?

      2. Unknown User (dpeterson)

        Just switch the {report-block} to a {report-list} and you should be good to go. Be aware there is currently still a bug in how the output will be rendered because of the change Atlassian made for 'inline' macros in 3.0. We will hopefully release a fix for that shortly. However, it may not effect you in this situation anyway, since the LSB does some CSS magic of its own.

        1. Unknown User (sarah.lund)

          Excellent tips!! Thank you both so much - Sarah

        2. Unfortunatley no amount of css magic is going to work past all those <p> tags that the new wiki-markup renderer is injecting, hence switching to an unordered list - it should be possible to style the list so that it appears as the user wants no matter how 'helpful' the renderer tries to be!

          Something along these lines will be a good start:

          .atb-leftSidebar ul, .atb-leftSidebar ul li {
           list-style-type: none;
           padding: 0px;
           margin: 0px;