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Hi, I'm pretty far behind (Confluence 2.5.1 / Theme Builder 2.0.9), finally upgrading (Confluence 3.1 / Theme Builder 4, RC for now actually). We're using the SearchBox macro



Issue 1 - Moving between plain-vanilla confluence and the space's theme:
In the old world when we did a search using the search-box macro we jumped out of the theme to plain-vanilla Confluence, then when we picked a page we jumped back into Theme Builder for the specified space. In the new version when I do the same search using the same syntax my search results are displayed while still in the theme. This looks much nicer, I like it. Is this an option somewhere that can be configured? How is this happening?

Issue 2 - Macros display an error on a page where the macro cannot render properly
There are two macros at the bottom of each page. One is the TOP macro:


and the other is the page-info macro:


When a user is browsing the space they render fine, but when they do a search and the search results are being displayed they turn pink to indicate they cannot be rendered correctly. In fact the Footer Bar itself turns pink. What can be done about this? Is there a way to say "if possible, render ABC but otherwise just hide yourself" to avoid this problem? Or is there a fix for it? I assume these macros are out of context or something and just don't make sense on this page, and that's ok, I just want to turn off the pink parts that indicate an error. In the old version, the search page was not rendered in the space's theme so we didn't have this problem.

Thanks for any help,

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    1. we altered the default search form so that it passes the spacekey, thereby persuading the atlassian code to behave as it probably should have done originally. No this cant be configured.
    1. The page info macro requires it to be rendered on a page, so when you are viewing something that isnt a page (eg search results) the macro fails - this is the expected behaviour, you should wrap the macro in a builder-show so that it is only displayed on pages


    1. Unknown User (ewells)

      builder-show did the trick. On the first point (search) I'm getting an odd display of the Search results. The "search bar" (user can enter search conditions, and there is the search button next to it) is overlapping the page title ("Site Search"). Why is that, and what can I do about it?

    2. Unknown User (ewells)

      One other item I ran into is that the page contents are overlapping the "page title" section. We want the title to display and, next to it (on the right) have links to the favorites and watch icons. We currently have the syntax

          {table-row}{table-cell}\\ text \\{table-cell}{table-row}

      The second row in the table is just a test, and it inserts a bit of text a bit lower down the page. The content of the page actually overwrites that. Why? How do I prevent that?