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I've just installed the Theme Builder plugin, and I've run into an issue... The meta tags seem to be generated incorrectly (and are being displayed across the top of the page.) Viewing the html source, here is what I see:

    <META name="Generator" content="Adaptavist Theme Builder 3.3.2-conf2.10">
&lt;META HTTP-EQUIV=&quot;Pragma&quot; CONTENT=&quot;no-cache&quot;&gt;
&lt;META HTTP-EQUIV=&quot;Cache-Control&quot; CONTENT=&quot;no-cache&quot;&gt;
&lt;META HTTP-EQUIV=&quot;Expires&quot; CONTENT=&quot;-1&quot;&gt;

(And I see

<tr><td align="center">&lt;div class=&quot;license-free&quot;&gt;Free theme builder license&lt;/div&gt;</td></tr></table> 

on the bottom of the page.

Any suggestions on how to fix this ?


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  1. Unknown User (

    Any suggestions ?

    1. Which browser and release of builder & confluence are you using?

  2. Unknown User (

    Adaptavist Theme Builder 3.3.2-conf2.10

    Firefox/Safari on a mac...

    1. Odd .. thats what I'm using ... what application server are you using, have you modified confluence in any way?

  3. Unknown User (suedti)

    The same here. Also Copyright footer rendered like that.
    Came over night without changing anything.
    Weeks ago I could fix by deleting the printable layout code in Manage Lyouts->Options. Now not anymore.

    Conf 3.0.0_01
    Builder 3.3.3-conf210
    OSX 10.5 CONF Standalone