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Does anyone have an example of an iframe that has the top cropped off of it. I'm trying to display a list and want to remove the header of the embedded webpage. It's ok if the scroll bar allows it to move back up, it just has to focus first on the list when it's embedded within the iframe. I've tried marginwide or marginhieght but that doesn't seem to do it.? help!

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  1. point the iframe at an anchor using the # url syntax

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      Can you give me an example. I still don't see it croping or displaying just the list. That will lower the point within the iframe, but not left right margins. Sadly, I don't think I can do what I want to. Try it with as an iframe but only have Google logo and search box in a tight window.

      1. The anchor will need an html ID for you to reference it, eg:

        {iframe:src=|width=98%|height=500px}your browser does not support iframes{iframe}
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          You ROCK! that is just what I was looking for...another happy customer...Cheers!

          1. In all honesty it's not without its issues ... you may find that the iframe anchor causes the outer window to scroll as well so that the anchor is visble, this impact can be lessened by ensuring that your iframe is within a reasonable distance of the top of the page.

            If you want to see an example of this effect in action follow this link ... unfortunately the only way to work around this would be to set an onLoad event on the iFrame to reset the outer window's scroll, however the iFrame macro deliberatley doesnt implement the JS handlers to avoid it being abused for drive-by-downloads.

            If this issue rears it's head for you then you should probably create a user-macro which implements the iframe functionality that you need.