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I cant get the IE CSS to work. I tried to add the following to IE CSS:

.atb-leftSidebar h3{
 color: green;

then in the leftSidebar i have:


When it's in the Custom CSS, it works for both Firefox and IE. When it's only in the IE CSS, the h3 text color is black. I have tried IE7 and IE6. All the CSS Options are "true". The conditional statement is the default: if gte IE 5.5000
I am running Confluence 2.7.1 and Theme Builder 3.0.0.b27

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Internet Explorer has problems with some colour names - try the hex equivalent and see if that works, eg. instead of green use #00ff00

    1. Unknown User (karl)

      Didn't work. Same problem, works with Custom CSS but not IE CSS.

      Tried this:

      .atb-leftSidebar h3{
       color: #00ff00;
      1. Unknown User (karl)

        When working with in the CSS tab, I sometimes get an message box saying: "Internal server error".

        1. Where?

          A dialog?

          At what point does this occur?
          when you open the tab, switch to a different tab, make a change to the content? - which content?

          What application server are you using?

          Do you experience this problem elsewhere?

          which internal server error is it?

          do you have any exceptions in your logs?

          1. Unknown User (karl)

            I tried to reproduce it now, but I couldn't. I'll give you a screenshot next time it appear. It is a plain Firefox dialog, it only says: "Internal server error" and has a OK button. I found some long stacktraces in the serverlog, you find them here:

            I think they are pretty much the same, but there are some difference. It happens when I click "OK" after editing in "Edit Custom CSS" or "Edit IE CSS" in "Manage Layouts" and/or when I click "Save changes to the selected layout". I'll be more aware next time it happens and report exactly what I do.

            I have not experienced this elsewhere.

            The application server is JBoss 4.2.2-GA

            I mentioned the ThemeBuilder and Confluence version in the first post. I have previously worked with Confluence 2.6 and ThemeBuilder 3.0.0.b25 on JBoss 4.0.2. I havn't worked alot with CSS there, but I havent experienced this problem.

            I'm using Oracle 9i

            I've tried some other IE CSS code now for example:

            text-align: right;

            The same problem happens here: when I put the CSS in "Custom CSS" the text in the sidebar will align right in both IE and Firefox. When I put it in IE CSS, the text wont right align in IE.

            Thanks for your support! Theme Builder is really great!

            1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

              Yeah I was gonna put in a margin: 0 to fix an IE bug re: negative margins and it's not applying for me.

              Something seems broken.

              1. Unknown User (karl)

                I have now installed version 3.0.0 and my problem remains. No new postings here, are you working on the problem?

                Our company is in the start of a Web development phase, we are currently choosing tools. The support for IE is very important to us as 95% of our customers are using this browser.

                1. I have found the problem, if you can create an issue on then I will upload a snapshot of 3.0.1 for you to use.

                  1. Unknown User (karl)

                    Thanks alot! I have created an issue.

          2. Unknown User (karl)

            Here is the dialog I talked about earlier:

            I was now editing some css in the Custom css section, this dialog appears when I reload the site in another Firefox tab after css editing. But it's not often, although this time it happened aprox. 5 times in a row.

            1. Are you getting any exceptions in your logs?

            2. Unknown User (gfraser)

              When you reload the site in another FF tab, are you using the "Duplicate Tab" feature? - if so, it carries the JavaScript state, cookies and session over to the new tab (as far as I can tell) leading to duplicate seemingly-identical connections (from DWR's point of view) to the same DWR session and connector which could cause this problem.

              Non-techie version: Duplicating tabs can confuse the server.

  2. Unknown User (gfraser)

    It should be noted that any CSS added to the "Custom CSS" field also gets delivered to IE. The IE CSS field is just to allow CSS that only ever goes to IE.