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Can I use builder-show to show something only in a specified space?  Also I wan't this to not show to Anonymous users, is this the best way (doing it this way I have to make sure I change it if we add groups)?

I tried:

builder-show:group=confluence-users|context=page|spacekey=Global Core Loadset Wiki

it works for anonymous users but not the single space.



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  1. Unknown User (markcp)

    I figured out the space problem, I wasn't using the space key I was using the Space name.  I changed spacekey to space then used the key and that did the trick.  But I'd still like to see if there a better way to hide something from only anonymous users if someone can help.



    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        only show this to registered users who are logged in
        only show this to anonymous users
    2. {builder-hide:user=@anonymous}
        This will be hidden from anonymous users

      NB: the spacekey= parameter sets the space that is being used to test against, it does not test that the content is within the specified space - to test this use the space= parameter with the spacekey of the space you want to show the content for.