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I have a problem grouping several pages in a space for using different layouts.

e.g. I have 3 sections in my space. These sections have many children (pages).
Let's say the sections are named A, B and C.

So, there is a global layout used by all of them. But A should have his own layout.

I tried builder-show and builder-hide with

Unknown macro: {use-layout}

. But the problem is, how can I differ the children from A, that they use the template_for_A instead of the global template.

The builder-show Macro has parameters like action, mode, space ... But there is nothing for a group of children? My first intention was to handle it with labels, but labeling all existing 1000 of posts, news and putting labels for future posts couldn't be the right answer.

Hopefully I could explain my problem and you are able to help me a little bit.

Thx, CC

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    We do something similar on some areas of our site, you can use something like this in the header panel of your main layout:


    When users are in the A section, it will start rendering the main layout used for the whole space but the code above will spot that they are in the A section and instruct Builder to switch to a different layout (LAYOUTA - call it whatever you want) resulting in the whole A section having a different layout (smile)

    1. Unknown User (ccfly)

      I guess the crux of the matter is the parameter "recurse"?
      Thank you very much, gonna try your solution next week (smile)