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I have a news section on a webpage which contains recent announcements. The term recent means within the last 30 days. I've used Confluence's {blog-post} macro, and it works fine. However, I now need to add a link to a news archive webpage, which will contain a list of news articles (blog posts) OLDER than 30 days.
My question is, is there a known feature/method/tool/plug-in to select only those blog posts BEFORE a given date? I've tried {blog-archive} but that doesn't give me what I need.

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Moved this page to Builder forum.

  2. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Peter, I believe there's a param on the blog-archive macro (or blog-list macro) which allows you to state that it should list items starting from the Nth item. This way you can limit your main blog display to say 30 items, then have the blog-archive/list macro start at item 31. I can't remember the syntax off top of my head, but it should be in the notation guide or the online docs here on our website.