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Is there a way to include the personal sidebar with teh pers. profile introduced in CONF 3 in a builder panel. I tried to use the code of the default confluence theme, but it doesn´t show anything.



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  1. Unknown User (agc)

    I'm trying to figure this out, too...

    1. You are going to need to be a little clearer in what you are asking for before anyone will have any chance of being able to help you (wink)

      1. Unknown User (agc)

        In personal spaces the Default theme in Confluence 3.0 displays a right-side panel that displays a summary, including the image name and e-mail, Recent Activity, and the new network stuff (following and followers).

        I want to be able to display that panel in personal spaces using my theme builder themes.


        1. Unknown User (suedti)

          I´m using this piece of code to display similar information.


          h2. Contact{profile:user=%creator%}
          h2. Network{network:following}
          h2. Favorits (%creator%){my-favourites:%creator%}
        2. What version of builder are you running?

          Builder 3.3.4 had an issue where it wasn't using the updated profile decorator used in confluence 3.0 ... this was resolved in 3.3.5, and would explain your 'personal sidebar' problems.

          1. Unknown User (agc)

            I'm running Confluence 3.0 with Theme Builder 335-conf210.

          2. Unknown User (suedti)

            I tried to put this into a panel and changing the option to "Velocity+wiki-markup".

            No success.

            Also putting it into a user-macro did not work.

            #parse ("/pages/templates/personal-sidebar.vm")