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I'm currently exploring the theme builder especially its custom CSS. I'm interested in putting round corners around my menus in the menutab. I have the JPG file but the problem is I don't know where CSS class to put it.

Btw, I tried following the guide on editing the styles in menu tab but I'm getting confused.

Can you help me guys?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    1. Use Firefox browser
    2. Install CSSViewer and Firebug extensions
    3. Those extensions allow you to quickly work out which classes are on any HTML element (CSSViewer for fast mouse-over checking, Firebug for more in-depth investigations, including things that aren't easy to mouse-over)

    There's also a page on the HTML Structure (Builder 3.x) for Builder pages, however as the content of panels is custom to your layout settings we generally advise using the Firefox plugins to work out which classes are applied to the HTML elements.